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Ten weeks from the start of pre-op diet


yorkie puddin!
Just done my ten weeks from pre-op diet pictures and im amazed at the difference already, iv done full body shots but aint brave enough to post them just yet lol the face ones will do for now;) any hoo im very pleased as mi mush aint as chubby now x iv also done my measurements and have lost 2inch of my neck which i think you can see in the picture:8855: excuse me looking so rough but just done an hour on the wii fit ! x (its a picture on the wall not a hairpeice, by the way !) lol


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Wow hun! You can really see the difference! And in such a short amount of time!! Good for you!!
:)Lovely-very inspirational-:) - can't wait till you're ready to show us the body shots
strangely on my other pictures my boobs look bigger lol but i think thats because my tummy is smaller, not long for you now meggie cant wait to see your changing pictures x

Thanks hun!! I know.......less than three weeks! Getting scared now!! Must take some before pics soon. Might go off and do it now!
Looking good hun. Well done x
Are you on the pre-op diet yet meggie?

Yes, have been for a week. Am finding it sooooooooooooooooo hard!! Going to my sister's this weekend was amazingly hard as I think my stomach links her house to eating takeaways and cheesecake!! I always feel so much hungrier there for some reason!! The only crap thing I had all weekend was a jam tart the size of a 10p piece!! I know it's still naughty but better than the 7 tarts I wanted to eat!!

Did you do the low cal food diet or the liquid diet?? How did you find it? Any hints/tips/meal ideas?!?!?
Wow Hannah, the difference is amazing. You go girl!! x
Looking good Hannah, Wow what a difference girl !!
Carry on with what ur doing as it is sooooo working for you girl and in such a short time, take care and chat soon xxx
Wow what a difference Han 10 weeks isn't really a long time in the grand scheme of things to change this drastically, cant wait to see the body shots ;-)