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Hello all... Just signed up, so here's an intro and a couple of questions.

Been overweight since age 8, first diet age 11, must have made 100+ serious attempts at losing weight, lost that magic 10% about 20 times, but guess what the weight always comes back. I have managed a BMI in the normal range only once in my adult life, for about 3 months, and one other time I managed to get the BMI below 30 for about 6 months. I've been through the GP-referred weight management programme, and been on Xenical. Guess what? Weight always comes back. Highest BMI was 48.4 about 4 years ago, currently just over 45.

I've had T2 diabetes since I was 34 (now 48), but at latest review my blood glucose, BP and cholesterol were all up, despite being almost identical weight to last year. So, time to get serious. My husband wants to lose a bit of weight too so we agreed to shape up our eating habits and I started using that gym membership instead of just paying it. Then a few days ago I started googling WLS, and am getting serious now about talking to my GP about it.

My GP ( a different one) suggested a band to me 7 or 8 years ago, and I was really shocked. He said I would have had to have tried all other means first, so that's when I went on the management programme. But then moved from that area, new GP etc. I agreed to try Xenical with them, usual story - good initial success, but just can't keep it going. Talked to the doc - he was not keen on WLS, talked about lifestyle change, urged me to the gym.

So where am I? At the start of the month, I was only half a stone less than my highest ever weight, although have dropped 7lb since then. If I had gone with my GP's suggestion all those years ago, I presume I would now be a lot lighter and presumably healthier.... Instead of which, I am heavier now than I was then.

I discovered I still had a month's supply of Xenical lefft from when I stopped taking them, they are still in date, so I am back on them. But this is it. I am going to get over this, once and for all. I want to lose a substantial amount of weight - so I can avoid meds for BP and cholesterol, and reduce/come off diabetes meds, and save my aching knees. I will go back to the GP in a few weeks and say, I want to give it one more try with diet & exercise, please will they prescribe Xenical..... But if this falters and fails, I want the surgery. I am able to pay privately if necessary, but would prefer to work in partnership with my GP.

Phew! Sorry for the essay, now for the question. My PCT is Nottinghamshire, and their criteria for WLS are BMI 50+, or 45+ with comorbidities. So, at this precise moment I would qualify, but if my weight drops just a few pounds, I won't. The GP does however have a record of my weight at a higher BMI. So, would that qualify me for the surgery, or would they so stupid as to say that because I'm just below the threshold when I'm referred, they won't fund it?

Also, anyone know what the waiting list is like in this PCT?

Thanks for any responses,


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hi i just wanted to say good luck with whatever option you choose. i had to wait for early 3 years for surgery on the nhs but some areas are quicker. im unsure about funding as the hopsital where i had my op have there own funding so i didnt have to do anything just wait for my doc to say yes or no. i had a bmi of 63.1, diabetic and had trouble walking so i guess that is why i got a yes.
I would say speak to yor doctor and discuss all your options and how to g about it.
Goodluck hun xx


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hello and welcome...i got my funding in november and am having all my tests in the next 3 months then i will be on an 18 week waiting list... my waiting time shouldnt be much longer than 36 weeks so im told but we will see, i have a bmi of 59.9 plus 2 problems that will be helped by loosing the weight i got my weight done the day i met my sergeon which was 2 months after my referal xxxxx
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hi Barbara, welcome and good luck :) xxx


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Hiya and welcome to the forum hope it helps u with ur decision xx


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Barbara I tried to send you a private message ... Can you contact me?? Heather


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Hi and welcome


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Hi and welcome. My BMI was taken from my first consultant appointment, i was 49 when referred by GP, I had to eat a bit more to get to 50 before my appt. as my hospital wont look at you under 50.


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Welcome n good luck on ur journey x

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Hi Barbara,

welcome :)

If you decide to go private - you can get the op very quickly - however you will most likely still need your GP's referall.



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Welcome Barbara. This forum is amazing. Everyone has a wide range of knowledge and experience here. I'm sure it will be helpful. Good luck on your journey!


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Just thought I would pop in and let you know that WLS is on the back burner for me at the moment. I am doing great with healthy eating & exercise, and especially the last couple of weeks since I started using self-hypnosis recordings to help.

It is weird, because I have tried this sort of thing before and it did nothing for me, but now it feels really natural to choose the healthier options, stop when I've had enough, and not nibble or graze between meals.

So guys - thank you so much for answering all my questions and all the supportive comments. One thing I know is that WLS is NOT a quick fix or an easy option, and you who are going down that path have a lot of hard work still to do. I will keep everything I've learned here in mind, and I know where you are if I need you. One way or another, I am going to get to a healthy weight and stay there.

I will read here from time to time and see how you are doing. If anyone wants to check up on me, I am now on minimins under the same user name.

Bye for now,