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Too soon to be deficient?


Fit and fantastic!
Frankie - I had full bloods done at one month post bypass, and again week before last ahead of my four month review today. My daily supplements are 2 x Vit D, 2 x Pregaday (iron and folic acid), 2 x Sanatagen A-Z Complete, 2 x Calcichew. My B12 was low and will need a test in Feb to see what is going on. Have to say that apart from the hair loss I feel great luckily. Oh, and due to being veggie with an allergy to dairy, my provider has put me on some soya protein powder by a company called Pulsin. x


Shrinking For Sophie
Thanks lilac. Already taking my multi vits (centrum) & AdCal so got those covered Lilac. My team where going to test for deficiencies in February anyway but I couldn't see me managing to hold out that long tbh. It's been nearly a year now that I started on my WL journey and at 11& 1/2 st down, albeit only 3mths post op, I suppose something eventually had to give. :sigh:


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Omg hun that's exactly what I told my hubby last night after I fell asleep again immediately after our dinner last night and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't wake myself up enough to wake up if you get my drift .. Same again tonight. I am seriously going to scald myself with my cup of tea one day at this rate as I often drift off with cup in hand!
Absolutely know what you mean hon. I would definitely badger your team about the b12.