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Triple Apointment At L&D

lisa x

is very happy!
I have had a few emails asking me how I got on today at my triple appointment today..
So I thought I would post this to answer all questions I have asked.

Firstly I saw the psychologist..she was lovely..we mainly chatted about my childhood and family history and health problem(eg mobility)

If I suffered depression and how I want to see myself in two years time..it was very friendly and not as intimidating as I thought it would be....:rolleyes:
I was truthful and honest (I air on the side of what will be will be) if I need help I would rather have it than try to cheat the system,and have bigger issues further down the line.
She did pick up that I have anxiety about blood sugars..all I said was I go into a panic mode when I have highs especially when there is no rhyme or reason for it.
She did comment that if I wanted help..she would arrange it...but as I am hoping to lower these blood sugars(on the milk diet) I didn't see the point.lol

Then onto nurse.(Julie..who is also a dietician I believe she said)
We basically went through all that had been wrote down on the first appointment..nothing had changed..but it took a while going through my medical and diabetic regime again.:rolleyes:

Obviously all these people want me to have a bypass,its the best for diabetes..but they have not pushed me in any way..and have given information on the sleeve and band,and basically say its my choice(although I know the by pass is for me.;))

She was impressed at my knowledge..but she couldn't tell me if the pouch was separated from the stomach or stapled..(save that question for the surgeon me thinks)
I will just add the answers to some of my questions I asked today.

I will be put on a sliding scale.
It is unlikely I will need a blood transfusion.
I will go to hdu.
I will only have a few days of anti clotting drugs(Depending on how long I stay in hospital.)
I will be in hospital for 3 days.
Surgical stockings will be on whilst in hospital but they want you mobile as soon as possible.
The L&D bypass the limb between 50cm :eek:and 100cm..
Its not calculated by BMI.its surgeons choice.
Contraceptive coil question(see different threads) is still unanswered.:rolleyes:
My GP will prescribe all vitamins needed after.

L&D do not remove gall bladder unless extreme problems are there before hand,and funding has been awarded to that also.
I do not need to make my insurance aware of my op or the DVLA. I can not drive for two weeks and the doctor has to yes I am fit to drive.
Funding that is place does not have a time scale to be used..If funding is in place it is place..I cannot be refused or retracted.

Finally I saw the dietician.
She basically discarded my food diary.Then said I would start the 5% weight loss in the next few days.
I have to wait for permission/advice from the Dr about reducing my insulin.
I can have 4 pints of milk
one oxo cube
one pint of jelly
water/tea coffee/nas/nas crusha.diet sodas.
+ multi vitamin
or I can have slim fast(but for one slim fast its one pint of milk)
I will say the questions she asked where more about how I would feel about my eating post op..but as I am on restricted diet now..I didn't see much difference other than carbs being dramatically reduced and more protein based foods used.
I was the last one of the day..I did feel slightly rushed out the door.

I am in for a rough few days with carb withdrawals and insulin issues...
To be honest I cannot wait to get started now...anything has to be better than the sleep induced trace I have been in for the last few months...
I will keep you updated on my progress..
I just want to say thank you to everyone for there well wishes for today and there support.
I hope this helps others on there journey to the L&D
Sorry for this long thread...;)
Lisa x x x


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Glad everything went ok today lisa. is that diet you are having to do a pre op diet??

lisa x

is very happy!
Hi Sarah.
I will have to do that diet two week prior to my op Sarah..
The L&D want you to do a lose 5% body weight(one stone in my case) to prove you can cope on a liquid diet and to help shrink your liver.
If I lose it in the 4 weeks given,I will then be put onto a maintenance diet until I have my op.
(I believe it consists of 2 milk meals and one cooked dinner(although they didn't go through that with me today..other L&Ders have told me this.)

lisa x

is very happy!
I forgot to add.
There is no cancellation list...!
It appears that sometimes they pick people who have just completed there 5% milk diet and there has been someone who cancelled there op.
Its pot luck of you are available in that window of opportunity ...I have put myself forward for that option.(so who knows lol)


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Glad it all went well for you today Lisa. Be prepared for the next stage. The first few days are horrible! Drink plenty as headaches and lethargy kick in big time! Have Paracetamols handy.Also, you will be peeing all day (and night!) ; like being pregnant!

After about 3 days, you'll have lost interest in food :)
Take care hun x x

lisa x

is very happy!
Thanks Jackie..
I remember the head ache well..days 3 and 7 from memory get really bad..but if my insulin is reduced I will be a happy woman... x x


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thats the news i was waiting for.
I am so happy for you Lisa.
The others are right the first few days are the worst, you feel tired, dizzy, lifeless, just keep saying "no pain no gain".
PS, Erin had a cancelation with only 1 weeks notice, so she only had to do the pre-op diet for 1 week.


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Really happy things went well Lisa :)


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Good luck Lisa, you did so well yesterday.

I've got my pre op diabetic reduction diet somewhere on the daily meal thread.. I also put my blood readings with it.. I'm here if I can help when you get going.

Love and hugs Angel, the end goal is in sight and hope it's not a long wait for your surgery xxx

lisa x

is very happy!
thanks Sue Mixxy & Bev.
Kevin, yes that is my daily allowance...as well as 1 oxo cube and a pint of sugar free jelly.Please bear in mind that every provider/team work differently..


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Yep 4 pints of milk a day, with your oxo drink and sf jelly if you need it, I didnt lol and 2 litres of other fluids nas squash, pop etc

lisa x

is very happy!
I have spoken to the Dr&nurse at the L&D on the phone this morning..

I am really happy right now..

I have been told to come of all fast acting insulin.(i was on humalog 45 units *3 per day)
I am to split my long acting...one in the morning and other at night..and just carry on with the metformin 3 times a day.
I cannot start that today as I have already had insulin today so I will start tonight...
u will however have to go back onto the short acting if my blood sugars don't go down within a few days..but as I am running high I think anything will be an improvement right now.
So I am one happy lady today..no more injecting with meals..how liberating!!


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Well done Lisa what are you bloods on today love?

Good luck, I'm really hoping you can get off insulin and it'll help with weightloss too... with your every step.

Love and hugs xxx

lisa x

is very happy!
Thanks jacqui,Bev.
My blood sugars tonight before dinner was 5.8 but at lunchtime they was 12.
They are all over the place to be honest be..I have just had a stir-fry with noodles..so I am hoping they stay lower and have no surprises tonight..as tonight I will lower my long acting dose.
I start the milk in the morning....
I have a busy couple of days so hopefully I will be ok....
x x x
i will keep you updated bev x x


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Hi Lisa, thank you soooooooooo much for this post it has given me great help as i bet other L&D'ers as well!

Good luck on the diet and i'll join u on the 5th xx


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Good Luck hun, the milk diet is hard but well worth it :D Keep busy is the best advice I can give and drink as much as you can :D XX

lisa x

is very happy!
Does that include alcohol jac..lol
Well day one of the dreaded milk diet..
I have been a tad hungery when i dished up dinner for the kids..but i am still trying to make my way through the list...i still have a pint of milk left.

Anyhow I just thought I would report that I have now dropped the short acting insulin..and at lunchtime bloods were at 11.
But by 5 pm they had dropped to 6.8(which for me is good)
So its going to be an interesting few days by all accounts.
I feel well at the moment..but a slight thick head feeling...I am dreading the carb withdrawal.. x x x