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Two years since surgery Gastric Bypass

hi all just a quick update I had a gastric bypass in Jan 2016 and it has not been an easy process as I have been one of the unlucky people that has suffered sickness since day one and still see surgeon as they can't seem to find out why - last visit talked about reversal if any more weight lost due to BMI now underweight I must admit it can be quite upsetting when people ask friends and family if I 'poorly' as I look so thin and frail but hey ho it will get better I'm sure!! My hair is still very thin and I have extensions in it to thicken it up which does make my face look a bit fatter if that makes sense!! I'm a size 6 now which sometimes is a little big but hopefully I will start to put weight on soon. I sometimes wish I had never had the bypass when I am so sick I can't get out of bed but then I will have a couple of good days and think this is not so bad after all! I do have more good days now and it has not caused me to miss work as I refuse to let this beat me and have people say it's my own fault for having the surgery. It has been a massive journey and learning curve and one which I researched fully prior to undertaking but as we all know we can not control how our bodies will react to any changes made to it! I know plenty of people who have had the same surgery and are fine I just happen to have had issues which hopefully will go and I will get more and more good days! Weight loss has now stopped so now just have to start to gain a little but we all know even though I know I need to put weight on it scares me to death!!!


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Its great that you've figured out something to eat to stop the weight loss. When will you find out if you have to do a reversal?

Good luck!


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Happy Surgiversary! :0clapper:

Sorry that you've had a rough time of it though. Hope you start to gain some weight , And, the surgeon can try to sort your problems out, So you can start to feel more better in yourself.
Good Luck x