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up date and message to gaelic girl dr ammori


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hi ive been tonight and.....dr ammori says with my medical thing for my neck i should qualify and it would be sensible to wait up to 6 weeks to see what the funding people say and keep my money and if they say yes to ask for him on the nhs.
my husband is planning what to spend the money on if i get accepted (he doesnt realise im keeping it for a tummy tuck and arm lift after i loose weight if i get nhs funding)
i feel .....not sure...down..:cry::wave_cry::cry:. flat .... fat and hot.

when i went tonight i was totally different from my 1st visit where i was close to tears and in tear all the time but tonight i was all smiles happy excited ..until i got talked into waiting

i wanted to pay the £500 deposit and book the 16 aug just in case.
as thats the date i have agreed with my husband that i will wait untill for a yes or no from the ptc.
if i got a yes i would not have a problem waiting my turn i could do it with out too many tears.

but the thought of waiting again till the 16th and being told no is sickening.
i am going to have many crys before i get this decission

i know it is sensible but i would have been happier to risk £500 and book a date to aim for.

its my coping stratergy for my pain counting down to something and i wouldnt feel so blue now if i had paid the £500

Dr Ammori was lovely and said thankyou to everyone when i told him of all your praise,
he says i should be ok with a 1 week milk diet so if i get told no,if there was a date available i could book and do it in a week (my luck he will be booked for weeks)

Last night on the phone when i told them i was coming to book after getting fed up waiting because of the heat making me feel so bad.
surgicare implied that i would had made the best decision for me as with a bms of 38 i would have to waitmonths on the nhs for a decision and then more than a year may be 2 for a date and if anyone with a bms higher than mine (which is about 38 at the moment Down from 40.1 when i saw dr ammori in nov )
would be put infront of me in the que and every new higher bms would go infront of me pushing my date back and back

i thought they were hard selling and trying to scare me but i did tell it to my husband to justify me not wanting to wait it out any how after mr ammori said it would be better to see what the ptc had to say first before spending i asked himabout what they said and was there any truth in it being pushed back for other peoples higher bms

and he says once you get accepted by the ptc your dr referes you to the hospital who then put you on a list after the dietician thing and once your on the list other people dont go infront by bms but its by date sequence,
so beware the hard sell
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Hi there

I have just read ur thread and im in 2 minds for you , hhhhmmmmmm u will be waiting quite a while for surgery with mr ammorri had Salford will be about 6 - 12 months and you will be extremley lucky to get funding on the nhs with a BMI below 40, sorry to be so negative i am just trying to put things in perspective for you a little .

I really hope u do and that your wait isnt too long

All the best hun with whatever way it goes

p.s but i can definatly understand in waiting to see what the pct has to say !!!!