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Gaelic Girl is home

gaelic girl

Loving Being a Loser
Hi Guys
thats me just arrived back in Glasgow. The journey from Manchester was fine just took our time and stopped every hour. The op itself went really well no complications and no pain much to this wimp's relief! Mr Ammori is def a god in his field! Got a bit emotional last night delayed reaction i guess! So much to take in now. it's weird to be saying i'm post op and i'll prob drive you all mad with questions soon enough. Sewingbelle it was good to meet you glad you are home safely too. Margart thank you too for keeping everyone updated for me. Good to be back xx:hug99::flowers:


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Hey Allie - welcome back! Glad it all went well for you and well done you on no pain! Congrats and welcome to the losing side!!!!
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fabby not flabby :)
Gald you're home safe and well hun, and make sure you tell us your full op story;):D


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Great news, you're home and soon to be slim. Enjoy your journey and i hope it is all you wanted and more x

gaelic girl

Loving Being a Loser
Journey normally takes 4 hours but as advised we stopped every hour to allow me to stretch my legs etc i had a lovely skinny latte at costa not bad for a service station! Candie i ill def post all the details in a few days, i know how helpful i found those details before my surgery x


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Nice to have you back Allie - get your rest and look after yourself. Sending hugs with fairy dust to aid your recoveryxx


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Congratulations. I've got all this to look forward to next week :)


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Glad everything is done and dusted!Bet its dead strange getting your head round the idea you are actually done!!!


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Hi Allie glad you are home and on the road to a great weight loss. Take care and get some rest, looking forward to reading your story when you are feeling a little stronger.