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Urgent Help Skin Toning!


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Hi All, I am urgently after some help, I had my Gastric Sleeve and so far a great success, I am now a size 12/14 but I have noticed saggy skin on my thighs, arms and stomach, I expected it due to the weight loss and I have been biking etc but I was wondering if anyone out there had used firming lotion and if so, which ones really worked? Im currently just started a cheap brand firming butter but would happily pay more for one that really got the results. Im drinking plenty of fluid but nothings worked so far, hence the ask for lotions and potions :)

los in it

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From what I understand and read on here a lot of us including myself have issues with loose skin and some people snap back others like me who have been heavy for many many years the skin doesn't snap back and no amount of exercise, lotions and potions will help that I'm getting use to it don't like it but unless I have surgery to remove the skin I can't what else I can do
I wish you luck in your quest


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There's no potion in this world that will shrink your skin; if there were you'd have to get it on prescription as cosmetic products can only change the appearance of something.

Loose skin is down to lots of factors; age, how overweight you were, how long you were overweight, genetics.

It's good to moisturise (though it's not as good as staying well hydrated) and it's good to do toning exercises but at the end of the day, the reality of people who lose a lot of weight in surgery is that they either a) put up with the odd bit of loose skin as a small downside or b) get cosmetic surgery.

I think sometimes it's tempting to think that if we loose weight, we'll have the body of someone who was never fat in the first place. Unfortunately that's not the case unless we're lucky to be very young and not massively obese.