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Weighing in the morning vs weighing in the evening


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Hi Lovelies,

Just wanted to check if I'm going crazy - has anyone else found that they weigh less in the morning than if they weigh in the evening? Yes, I know I've been a bad girl and have been weighing myself a few times during the same day but I'm hoping that I'm not the only one this has been happening to?! Xx


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This is perfectly normal, your weight will fluctuate a few pounds throughout the day and you'll always be lighter first thing in the morning. which is why it's best not to weigh yourself too often and always best to weigh at the same time each day/week.
Don't get too hung up on the scales hun, you'll drive yourself nuts :)


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I always weigh first thing in the morning once a week before breakfast and after the bathroom visit :) any deviation will see a different result our body's fluctuate so much day to day but also during the day....imagine in the mornings you body is pretty empty v the evening were you've been eating all day !!

choose you day and time and stick to it :) my Thursday's are a waiting game sometimes..... bathroom...weigh...breakfast lol and if my body says differently breakfast has to wait lol

I think the worse thing you can do it the multi weighing .... i am guilty this week too, i've had a less than perfect week and a few times the scales have come out just to 'check' but frankly it all meant nothing ...one day i was s/s, yesterday i was -1 and today -2!! just goes to show how quick they can turn around lol

also i weigh naked (blush) but stick to the same clothes etc its the only true way to get a true reading x x x x


I decided to check how much my weight fluctuated one day, between 1st thing and end of day my weight changed by 7lbs!!!

I still weigh daily naked after bathroom visit but I am on pre op diet

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If I don't like the result at 7am I go back on at 10 or 11 and can weigh up to 2lb less

Well that was before I got rid of my scales two weeks ago. Ditch the scales. Don't torture yourself xxx


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Thank you all!!!! I'm so glad I'm not going mad :)

I wasn't getting a chance to morning weigh with very early work starts so was wondering why the evening weigh was being so mean!!!

And very good advice on ditching the scales!! I was trying to thank you all but couldn't see the thank button on my iPhone, no idea if it's just me :p xx