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Weight management


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After finally getting the guts together to go to the doctors and speak to him about WLS this week, I am feeling disappointed now. He basically said there was nothing more he could do than refer me to a local weight management service, which I will have to work with for a year. With a BMI of 56 I thought I should have had a good chance at getting a good result, seeing as I have high blood pressure too. Can anyone give me advice at what the weight management group might entail? I haven’t had my appointment through, but I had my heart set on getting surgery so I can lose weight and finally keep it off. With my BMI that high do you think there is a chance they might help me at the weight management service? On my first discussion with them can I query about NICE guidelines? Has anyone got any advice? I feel so let down right now and just feel I have a massive battle ahead of me and don’t know if I have the strength to fight . I will not be giving up though and will do anything to lose weight, I am so unhappy right now.:confused:
Lots of PCT's are now making everyone go to weight management. For some it is the only way to get surgery.
You will be checked for any problem you have that might have made you gain weight, It will also get your mind in the right place for surgery.
All I was asked to do when I went for 18 months was to try and lose some weight or at the least keep my weight stable.
Good luck with your journey
Thank you for that! That makes me feel positive - so I discuss with them what I need to do to get surgery, is that correct?