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weight management/medical weight management


Can someone please tell me what's the difference.

I was referred to walsall manor in June, I had my first consultation in July with Mr hartland and Ana who both said i was a candidate for bypass surgery, i then received 2 letters one for weight management and another for a consultation with Mr khan (consultant for general surgery), this has now been changed to a appointment for medical weight management and a appointment with Dr Kendrick.

I was lead to believe that i would see Mr hartland at the second appointment to let them no I am still serious about having the surgery and that funding would be sort after this, but now i am wondering if i need to jump some hoops first has it has changed to medical weight management.:confused:


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Hi Madsatffyblonde, some pct`s really make u jump through hoops along the wls journey, you could look on the Bospa site and see what ur pct criteria are.
There are quite a few pct`s that make people go through a period of time at a weight management clinic b4 moving on the surgery ladder but soz i dont know anything bout your pct.
There are a quite a few peeps on here from the Walsall area so hope they will be along soon to help you.
Here is the link to the Bospa site, i presume from ur username u luv staffy`s 2 i have 2 as u can see in my siggy lol
Take care luv Roch xxx

BOSPA - The British Obesity Surgery Patient Association


Hi Roch thanx for the replys i am under BEN pct which states a BMI over 40 I satisfy the criteria it has just worried me that they are going to make me go on a weight management plan, but if they have my medical records will no that i have been under my GP for zenical and reductil for over a year and also tried all the faddy diets since the age of 16 so hopefully they will just go ahead and do the surgery.

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Medical Weight Management suggests managing your weight via surgery or other medical means as opposed to diet.

As I said in another thread there are changes afoot at Walsall with regards to admin and the way they do their appoinments, and not before time in my opinion.

Best to give them a quick ring and find out on Monday.