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What a day


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Ime due to have my bypass Monday at Salford it was a cancellation so i went for my pre ops yesterday everything went fine so i thought, last night got a call to say theres a problem with 1 of my blood tests could i go back again, so i did today, had the test, and left but it was bugging me so i rang 1 of the nurses who dealt with me at my first pre op in July and she told me they had found that i am suffering from Diabetes which i hadnt done before and i'de had no treatment for but the nurse who will remain nameless said it is my mistake i should have told you in July when it was 1st noticed, now at this stage they didnt know whether the op was going to happen but having made numerous apologies and spoken to the aneathetist and more importantly Mr Ammori he decided it was fine to do it to thankfully has Diabetes is 1 of the reasons for surgery.

Its been a stressful day but thankfully sorted, sorry to go on but hey ho Monday cant come quickly enough.
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WOW, at least its still going ahead.
Fancy not telling you back in July.........
I wudda gone mad also. :mad:

Good luck on Monday, your gonna be fine. x


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these things are sent to try us ! as iv been told by people this week when i was told that my surgery may have to cancelled, so stressfull when your all geared up and ready to go, at least you know its still going ahead now x good luck for monday x


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So glad it's all sorted - Sending you lots of best wishes for Monday


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Lots n lots of good luck for Monday xx

Rybens i so hope yours doesn't get cancelled, yours too is so overdue xx


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Best of luck for Monday! Will be good for u to get this behind u and move onwards and downwards :) x


On my way................
Feel free to add me on facebook or even email me mate. Happy to share any wisdom I can pass on.

Facebook is Mark Hague and email is [email protected] :)


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good luck for monday they are great a salford and will look after you well..........kath x