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What clinic?


You only live once..
Hi there everyone, hope your well.

I'm not looking to get lipo but I'm sure there are alot of people who do want it on this site & just thought I'd give you a reccomendation.. :)

Obviously any surgery is extremely pricey which alot of people probally can't afford but go on dreaming.. I can't reccomend the Wellness Clinic in Belgium enough.. Liposuction –Liposculpture: Best Prices / Low Cost in Belgium!
People may be weary about going abroad but I know several people that have gone here & it offers the highest quality care & treatment & it's really well priced, it also offers a next day surgery option where you go to the clinic, have the consultation then within 2 days you have surgery. I'm going there later this year to have a breast enlargement. Seriously if your thinking about surgery I just thought I'd give this more affordable option a reccomendation.

Good luck with your weight loss. :)