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What is restriction


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Hi all you banders - im getting my " life" band on 12july and i was wondering if you could you tell me why/how/when restriction kicks in? You get the band on and then what - who tells you to get a fill? How do you know you need a fill? How many fills can you have? Do you have to inject yourself or is that just for bypassers ? Probably stupid questions but I just don't know the answers. Should I chat with my doctor? I'm paying myself so I haven't been to see doctor. :(:cry:


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Usually most of us get our first fills around 6 to 8 weeks after the op. Some surgeons put in a little saline in the band during the op but you will be told for definate if yours has after your surgery.

Usually restriction is felt when you eat dryer denser foods and around the size of your hand for a meal and feel full/satisfied on the small portion.
You are meant to feel satisfied after meals for a long time and not need to snack.

Usually you will be called back for regular appointments and fills by your provider, depending on how your loss is going and how much you can eat, you and your team can work out if a fill is needed at each appointment and how much to have.
Too tight bands are bad because then you have problems getting solid food down and may go into starvation mode or have to rely on sloppy / liquid meals.

Some providers get you to do the injections for a short while after surgery, but not all for band ops...so again, ask your own provider what they normally do.

Not at all stupid questions hun x I went private but had a letter to send to my doc informing him of the op to update my records.


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Thanks neen -so many questions but at least I've got plenty of time before op to have them answered.


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hi ankaas, you will get a letter from Dr chris to give to your GP. you should also make an apointment with him or the nurse as you get ur stitches out 10 days after op. ask frederick about the fills. u dont have much restriction when ur band is on (apart from first 2-3 weeks because you are sore and healing). i have lost a stone in a month but i find its gettin harder now. the fill tightens ur band to make the hole smaller for you to feel full after eating a small amount of food. you might need 4,5 or 6 fills. with Dr Chris each fill is £90. i cant wait to get my fill as i am so afraid to put on weight i have already lost and still so desperate to lose more xx