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First real post so be gentle with me.

I started it all with the NHS sponsored Tier 3 program in March 2011. Then having got myself into the right mindset and also having banned myself from consuming any sort of fizzy pop (including diet options), chocolate (very hard as was Registered Chocoholic!) and also banned sugar from the occasional hot drink might have I was ready for next stage...the surgical one!

Had my first appointment with Mr.Ahmed's Registrar at Royal Derby Hospital on 20/09/11 and it was decided that on basis of my pre-existing longterm medical conditions in combination with my excess weight that I be added to waiting list approved pending PCT granting funds.

But there was a 3 month delay due a mess-up involving errors on the initial PCT funding application, which had to be resubmitted for a second time in Jan/12, funding being eventually approved by PCT on 19/03/12, when officially joined on the Waiting List.

Meanwhile I arranged an appointment with Mr. Ahmed on 15/05/12 to discuss some concerns to the the operation after had received some bad information. Mr. Ahmed was great and put my mind and worries to rest. He advised me that there was a 6-9 month waiting list at that time. :D

I also had my first dietician appointment, on same day as apparently due to an error this had not been done before.

As already mentioned, I have already made some quite extensive changes to my normal eating routine and also endeavour to exercise as much as possible but am limited as my disability involves having some quite extensive musculoskeletal injuries and other medical conditions as well.

When I re-attended my next dietician appointment on 21/08/12, it was found that I had gained weight and was threatened that might be removed from the waiting list!! :eek:

One of the main reasons for going to the surgical option was that, due to impacting medical issues all the previous attempts for me to lose weight or keep it constant proved unsuccessful in the past. :sigh:

I now have two weeks before need to return to see dietician and despite best efforts including diet restrictions, and additional exercise inc swimming - there has been no significant reduction in my weight. :confused:

It is the prospect of the Gastric Bypass surgery and the predicted weight loss of up to 70% of excess weight, that has sustained me over past 12 months so fear being taken off waiting list at this late stage. :cry:


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Paula Garner

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Do the milk diet for two weeks, that will shift some weight off you. I had my bypass in derby on Sunday. You will be well looked after when your time comes :)


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Thanks....was reading about that, also doesn't seem to cost a fortune either as am on limited income at the moment. :)


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Yes, milk diet for short term use is pretty effective. I lost 9kg in the 2 weeks that I was on it. I had 5 pints skimmed milk and some No Added Sugar Crusha milkshake flavouring a day. Amazing results. Not sure how healthy it is for long term use.


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although its not healthy long term I agree do it for 2 weeks so they can see weight loss, no longer though