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Wrap or Band


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I thought that I would start this thread for new people that find this site. When I first joined posts were in a mixture of categories so it is nice that there is a wrap section now. Also, I was definitely going for the band and after reading about the wrap, I am now converted and also converted to travelling abroad from for this procedure (but I would not go abroad for a band because of the after care issue.

As I am still pretty new to all of this and still asking lots of questions, I thought that I would give my input for newbies.

As i said I was definitely going for the band as I was to scared of the other alternatives as I felt the band was safer and if I wanted to take it out I could.

After reading posts on here and reading info via links and researching myself I am going for the wrap.

The reasons are that I don't overly want a foreign object in my body, there is more things at risk of going wrong e.g. slippage, erosion, leaks. Also, I don't want the hassle or pain that seems to come with eventually getting to the right fill amount in the ring. Also, a bit vain here but I don't want (lol) an object showing up in me when going through airport x-rays and also the air pressure might affect me when flying with the band. I don't want to pay for defills or refills because I fly (not sure if this happens to everyone but I have read it on the internet so assume that it is true).

As I have read about travelling abroad, I nearly used Cosmetic Bliss who sound fantastic in terms of holding your hand and no negative comments found. However from being on here and asking lots of questions I have now contacted Dr Hruay someone does collect you from the airport which is good and it is cheaper. I would not just choose cheaper for the sake of it as cheap is not always best but because quite a few people have used him on here I am feeling more confident about this choice. Hopefully if all goes well in 3 months I can be writing on here saying that actually I agree with everone else that had the wrap abroad and it will help others like me who are now tring to make a decision. This is long I know but other wrappers may want to add their journey so far in making a decision, the procedure if they have had it and months after.


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both ops have fantastic results,my surgeon wanted me to have a sleeve or bypass but i wanted the band coz it seemed like the easiest thing to have,and i was scared of the other ops to be honest..i defo made the right decision for me BUT some people dont make the right decision and the op doesnt work for them xx


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If I had not read about the wrap, I would def go for the band as I feel that this is a good option too. If the wrap was taken away from me as an option now, straight away it would be the band for me as I see them as pretty similar in terms of someone making a decison for WLS.