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1st appointment Homerton


New Member
Hi all,

Can anyone help me understand the process for WLS at Homerton. I can see many really helpful threads in here but wondered if anyone had any experience of timelines post COVID.

I had my initial 1hr appointment on 30 September and all seems very positive, the assessment nurse told me that things should start to feel as though they move quite quickly now but I'm not sure what the "things" will be.

My next appointment is going to be a 2hr appointment at the hospital on 21st October, so I was wondering if anyone could help.me understand where I am within the process? I remember the nurse saying that I need to start taking multi vitamins and minerals now, and that I will receive emails to attend an educational session.

I'm hoping that it could be a straightforward journey as I don't have any health problems or sleep apnea and my current BMI is approx 44.3.