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1st Surgiversary and first appointment with Plastic Surgeon


At goal at last.....
Hi everyone, just thought I would mark that it's been a year (4th December) since my surgery and I can't believe how my life has changed. I am 7 stone down, in a size 10 and my diabetes and high cholestrol and chronic backache have all disappeared. I have also just been referred to a plastic surgeon (for the excess skin on my tummy) and have my first appointment on 29 December. Life couldn't be better!
Thanks Jacqui. I can't explain how wonderful life is now. I hope all the pre-oppers get something from the ones that are a way out to see how life can change for them.
:)Happy days Stella:)
Excellent news Stella, you have done marvellously well xx
Hi Stella I'm a pre op girl and I def do get a lot out of reading stories like this, I've just had my funding acceptance letter and I'm now waiting to hear from the heartlands so I'm hoping that I may be lucky soon x x