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3 weeks post op


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Hi all

I am 3 weeks post op and feel great, but struggling with toileting. Not sure what to do or how long when I really worry. It has been 4 days and not passed any stools 😱🤷‍♀️


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Late reply I know but... Here are my thoughts on the matter.

Your toileting habits are going to be all over the place probably for a good six months at least. One day you will be constipated, the next you'll be running to the loo every few minutes. Everything should settle down a bit but it will never again be the way it used to be. For a starter, you are eating a lot less. Less food in means, less waste out. Which also means you possibly won't need to go every day. I can sometimes go for a week without needing a bowel movement, occasionally, it will be longer. If you feel constipated or bloated then feel free to take some Senna tablets just to ease things along a bit but I find they can take 2 to 3 days to kick in so, not an instant fix for me.

Certain foods will affect you differently after surgery. Some people become lactose intolerant so every time they drink milk, they are running to the bathroom. Some people suffer from dumping syndrome although I believe that is mainly in bypass patients who have lost their pyloric valve. Dumping syndrome is where rich foods enter the intestine before they are ready and can cause your body to 'get rid of' this food as soon as possible via any means possible! Not a pleasant experience so I believe...

You haven't mentioned what surgery you had so, I am just talking generally here but, as I am sure you have discovered, your body will work it all out in time. Just follow the plan and try different foods one at a time to see how you tolerate them and watch the weight come off. This whole journey is quite a ride and you and your body need to get to know each other again.

Good luck, you will be fine!

Oh, as you have probably noticed. This site is very quiet since the dreaded covid kicked in so... It may well take a while to get a reply on here. Hopefully it will start to pick up again soon as more and more people start having surgery again. There is a wealth of information on here though and the people who do nip on are very friendly and helpful.