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Advice for a gym newbie?


New Member
I had an RNY bypass in March. Lost 5.5 stone, but have hit a major plateau. So, I've joined the gym.

It is a budget no frills one, so the induction was just how to use the machines, rather than working out a programme.

Any advice, tips, web links for me?

As a guide for what I can manage, I did 20 mins on the treadmill and 10 on the bike today. Quite pleased for my first visit.


Well-Known Member
Have a ring round the more expensive gyms often they have a 1 day free offer to try and lure you in, you can ask the trainer there what you should be doing, but any exercise has to be good :) Keep it up.


New Member
If there's a spinning/RPM class those are great. Burns tons of calories and is low impact.