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And we're off ......at long last!!!!!


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Hey there to all the lovely people out there.
I'm Bristol uk based and tier 3 here as been closed here since May/June 2015 (don't hold me to that but around there anyhow!) so any one from that time had rejection letter back until new criteria... Which was ment to be oct 2015 ( I had phoned the hospital bariatric coordinator when I recieved the letter as I felt the later was a little vague .
she told me to phone back on the 5th October ) AND tier 3 was still closed!!! Told to phone early December ......STILL CLOSED!!
So gutted and depressed as since September I've been pretty unmobile as even though my bmi is 42 ( not fooling myself I know it's high for " normal" ) my mobility is massively effected as I'm hypermobile ( my joints are lose ) and am on the waiting list for my knee to be relocated - keeps dislocating and is totally over flexed backwards!
I work two days a week standing and have to spend the 2 days after recovering because I am in so much pain from jaw to foot!! I'm on loads of pain drugs including antispasmodics for arm/leg spams and carpul tunnel . So yeah pretty much given up on life the past four months ( not looking for sympathy just want you to understand my back round) and can barely climb the stairs.
Well imagine my utter delight to recieve a letter out of the blue stating TIER 3 IS NOW Live WOO HOO.
Bare with me if your still reading lol.
I have a question ..
On this letter is this statement regurding criteria....
" for Bristol - completed a programme with weight management on referral providers -slimming world/ weight watchers and had engagement with the dietitian led service over a min 6 months period to include at least 5 attendances."
Now is this tier 3 ? or is this needed before tier 3 can begin ? If im reading it how I think it means this is tier 3 which would be great as since no new candidates have been referred since early last year I think the process SHOULD run smoothly - fingers crossed .
Would love to hear back from as many people as possabile even if it's just a hi - good day today xxxxxx
hello Mich81 !
welcome to the gang ,I wish you great luck with all you wish for
Welcome, It sounds like a right cockup on the Nhs side closing a vital service. I have to say the tier three service run by Spire Soton is amazing apart from a wee little boo boo athe beginning of my tier three where they mislaid my paperwork. Take on board every bit of advice they give you it's a good starting block and massive support for after surgery. The cognitive therapy sessions are soo helpful so if you have any worries these are good sessions to spill your concerns in. Keep in touch and good luck in your journey X X