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Anyone having Op done next month @ Dolan Park???

How spooky. I went to my gp this morning to get some medication for my gammy eye and mentioned that I need to get it cleared up by next Thursday as I was getting a band. The dr asked was it at Dolan Park and when I said it was she said she had another lady in the day before who is having a band there next week and was in to get her medication in liquid form. She started her pre op diet Tuesday and me Monday so I am thinking she is having hers Thursday or Friday! Is it anyone on here??????
And talking of coincidences, I was in the chemist waiting for my prescription and when I was at the counter a man came up to speak to the pharmasist and said he had a sticky eye and it felt like there was grit in it! I said to him 'You haven't been near me have you?' and lifted my sunglasses to show him my gammy eye :8855::8855::8855:


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If you changed the title of your thread to read Worcester Band Op 5th May it might help get more attention...

To change the title go into the forum where the threads are and double click to the right of the title...a box will appear and you can edit your title then click on the outside of the box again and the new title will appear.

Hope your eye is feeling better soon!
Thanks Mini. I will give it a try when I get home as it doesn't work on my phone. I guess it is confusing for those who don't know the area as Worcester is the town me (& fellow bander at gp) live but Dolan Park is in Tardebigge, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.
I think I will wander the hospital when I get there and the next day and try and find them as it would be nice to share our journeys together. I sound so x factor!!!!
Hi Kat,

Is it like a ward? Do you not have your own room to sleep in? I was hoping having to pay myself because my pct keeps raising the bmi limit would mean I got my own posh room!
Oh fantastic. I had visions of me having to show my open gowned backside to all and sundry every time I got up. Luxury will be nice after what we paid! Molton Brown smellies would be nice too :)
katiebaby said:
Hiya, I am having mine done on 4th May so hopefully will be leaving as you are arriving. Good luck

Ooo Katie - where are you from? (on phone so can't check on left hand side). Shall we have a secret signal? Lol. I have been told I will be in early as I had my bloods taken on friday so I should see you. I am a fat bird- you will recognise me!!!!


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I'm from dan sarf. I will make sure I wave to all the fat birds in the waiting room on my way out. :wave_cry: You,ll recognise me - I'm a fat bird too :)