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Anyone know how long the waiting list is, if approved, in the Scottish Borders?


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I need some advice please. I have a BMI of 41 and need to get down to at least 30 to be able to receive IVF Fertility treatment. I also have PCOS which makes it harder to loose and maintain weight. I also have Multiple Sclerosis. I've had 'issues' with my weight since my teens, I am now reaching 35yrs old. After which, fertility in woman drastically decreases and the cut off age for assistance with IVF is 40yrs. I feel as though I am running out of time! My reason for weight loss, I suppose, is for primarily to receive IVF and secondary to be a healthy weight. My GP informs me that I do not meet all the criteria for this area of the UK (my BMI is below the minimum). I understand the NICE guidelines say that a min. of BMI of 40, or 35 if other health issues. I'm hoping that I can have a gastric band, so my GP is trying to define the criteria, which in this area was last updated in 2010, I think. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks x


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Hi there
I live in the Lothians, and started with a bmi of 41. In Lothian there is a weight management tiered system, which I was referred to. However after a year of waiting and not even progressing to the group sessions which I think was tier 3 and surgery would have been tier 5, it seemed unlikely that I would ever get surgery on the NHS and I went private. I think in most areas budgets are such that most people receiving treatment have a bmi of around 50 to be considered for bariatric surgery on the nhs, regardless of the nice guidelines.

Sorry not to be more positive! However I can recommend the weightloss team based at the Spire in Edinburgh. They were very supportive and the surgery was worth every penny. I have reached a 'normal' weight and still cant quite believe it!!

Best wishes



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Hi Molloyj It's quite difficult here in Forth Valley, Scotland to get bariatric surgery to be truthful. Here are the guidelines which are dated June 2011


I am a Bypasser two weeks post op. if I can offer some hope its to say I'm not diabetic and the document above clearly states that to get surgery I must be. I do have countless other co morbidities which I suppose went a long way to getting me here now. In addition apparently the referral needs to be through a consultant and not a GP..mines was initially through my ortho consultant. I don't know if you can see my signature as this details the timescale for me but to give you an idea the ball started rolling with the orthopaedic surgeon March 2012 and surgery was August 2013 but a lot went on in between ;)

Good luck in your quest molloyj and if you have any questions fire away and we will do our best x


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