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Bypass complete and questions! :)


Six Month Post Op

I had my bypass last Friday at Spire Roding under Mr. Mannur. I'm pretty new to the forums so this isn't so much an update on me - but rather that I'm just so excited that it is done and how my life is changing now :).

The bypass went very well, despite a couple of mistakes along the way in my pre-op diet Mr. Mannur told me my liver was tiny and very easy to work with. Five tiny incisions, was on my feet on the first day (as soon as they let me basically) for very short periods which increased to walking the second day and since then I have been increasing it from walks around the garden to small walks down the road/round the block.

Unfortunately I experienced tachycardia (I think it is spelt) after waking up, which is a fast heart rate and low blood pressure. At one point it was dangerously low/high, so I ended up in the high dependancy unit after the recovery room till the next day. I think my heartrate got over 140 bpm at one point. Despite this I felt very good after the surgery, only had the paracetamol they gave me in a drip and one shot of morphine due to my back pain and being unable to settle down to sleep more then the stomach pain.

I've only experienced wind once - this was yesterday after drinking too fast I think (I am VERY careful to sip normally, but I had taken pain meds for my back and my brain was a bit fuzzy, I didn't think and drank too quickly) it actually felt like heartburn almost? Is heartburn normal?

Been doing the injections, but they are bruising me terribly, including the ones done by nurses. It has gotten to the point where I am nearly out of room, oops! Only one more injection to go thank goodness.

I'm really pleasently surprised how well I feel. I get tired much easier of course (which is great as normally I suffer from insomnia, being able to get to sleep is amazing) but the pain is practically gone, I'm taking the pain relief before bed, and these past few days perhaps once in the day.

How long was it for post bypassers before they felt comfortable enough to sleep on their bellies? I try to sleep on my back, but have started to sleep on my side very gingerly while hugging a 'V' pillow as I'm used to laying on my sort of...side belly if that makes sense.

Do you think it will be ok to go swimming two weeks post op also? I want to get exercising as early as possible to get in to the habit early and I enjoy swimming.

Finally - I'm on liquids for two weeks, mush for two weeks, textured foods for two weeks and then solids. Is that two weeks from the surgery (Friday), or two weeks from the day I came home (Sunday)?

Thank you to anyone who can help me out. I'm on such a natural high right now and cannot wait to embrace lots of home cooking rather then takeaways and much too large portions, exercise and lots of new clothes! :D

Mr. Mannur provides his patients with a DVD if they are interested, watched it two days ago, and found out I have blue sutures (he does a double procedure of stables and sutures) and even the name brand of the graspers etc. It was very surreal seeing my own stomach, liver and intestines let me tell you!


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OMG!!! :eek: A dvd of your own operation? I want one!!!!!! :eek::D:eek::D So I can watch it in a sado masachistic (sp) kind of way!!!

I'm so pleased you are feeling so well and that everything went smoothly for you. My journey has been a bit tougher but then I'm probably just a whimp! :eek:

I too have to take the clexane injections every day for the next two weks, and yes they bruise me too! And they sting!! :cry: Lol, told you I was a whimp! :D I can sleep on one side (my right) fairly comfortably now but my left is a bit more tender, that is where most of the bowel work is done.

You sound so very positive and that is great, you will do very well hun. :D

Do you have a diary going?

Cuppa xx


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Hi G. It sounds as if everything went really well. You lucky thing - only having Clexane for 2 weeks - I had to do it for 4 weeks and the bruises...!!
Personally, I'd leave the swimming for a bit - public baths have all sorts of bacteria which is ok in a 'normal' person but your wound is still very new. It would be awful to get an infection at this stage. See what your doc says. Take care, Mxx


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Glad your op all went well...
And yeah, i wanna DVD too!!! (That would be so cool)

Im 2wk post op now, supposed to be on liquids for 3wk (from day of op) then puree for 3wk, but i'll be honest - for my tea yesterday & today, ive had puree.
I've had a belly full of soup & yoghurts, needed summat satisfying. (and it was. :D)

Take Care. x


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What a good post, seems its not been so bad for you. Good luck over the coming weeks xx


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Congrats on having your op done and I'm sorry that you had a rough time. Wow a dvd!! That is going to be an amazing thing to look back on when you hit your goal, not to mention when you find the going tough.
I wish you all the absolute best in your weight loss and I know you're going to be a slinky glamour puss in no time!
I always used to sleep on my side before my op and since I have just got into the habit of having 4 or 5 pillows and sleeping propped up on my back. It's weird that I still do that after all these months. Sometimes the port annoys me if I lay on my side for too long.
Apparently I don't snore any more so I guess there are good points to this new sleeping position!
Good luck G x


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Hahahahaha a DVD - That sounds mental! Dont know if I would want to see that....

Congrats on getting through it all :)

Exercise - I wouldnt go swimming 2 weeks post op as swimming is an all round body work out and can put pressure on ya tummy, but if you feel totally up to it, its up to u, i waited 4 weeks to be safe, im in the routine of exercising and do so 5 times a week whereas i didnt do it 5 times a year before ;-)

Good luck with the rest of your journey, welcome to the losers bench xxxxxxxxxxx


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Congrats on your progress so far. You are doing really well. I have my op with Mr Mannur on 27th...I will def be asking for a DVD lol! Heres to your fantastic future x


Well done you. I am only 4 weeks post op and already seeing a difference. Just small things like being able to get on a pair of boots cos obviously my feet have shrunk!!

I was with Mr Ammori and I only needed the injections for 5 days!!

Good luck with your journey.


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Hey well done and i really DONT want a DVD of my op glad everythings going well. I cant help with your questions as i'm not on the losers bench yet.
Hope you get the answers you need


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hI glorfindel

I had Mannur too at Homerton on the 20th October, he's really good isnt he.

You are doing really well but I was advised by Mannurs team not to take up exercise until at least 6 weeks post op.

I still cant sleep on my belly, it sounds like I sleep similar to you too sort of on my side.

WOW a dvd...oh the perks of being a private patient ;)

Good luck with your journey Xx


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thank you so much for this positive post :) as i am only 4 weeks away from my op now the butterflies are starting to kick in and posts like this are a really great calming influence ... hope the journey continues to be a good one for you xx


Six Month Post Op
Thank you so much for your lovely replies! I think I am going to start a journal on here as a couple of people have asked about it, and I think it would be a good idea instead of writing huge posts on here :) Off to do that after I've written this post.

I am still feeling extremely positive and feel fantastic, which I'm so pleased about, even this far out.

Mr. Mannur is a very talented man, and I am extremely happy with the choice. Anyone who gets him on the NHS too is extremely lucky :). Definitely ask for the DVD if you go private though too, haha.

I'm only on clexane for five days, so I'm all done thank goodness, heheh.