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Chinese food


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10 months after bypass op and been invited out for a chinese for a friends birthday party. Any suggestions on what to eat. I dump on high sugar so will be avoiding sweet and sticky sauces :cry:


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I went to a Chinese 15 course wedding 7 months after surgery! I ate the prawn and fish dishes. I would have a starter or two oppose to a meal.


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We went the other night - I got hot and sour soup and some grilled shrimp without any sauce. Yummy and very low calorie.


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I'm going for a Chinese tonight. Last time I went I dumped so being more careful tonight. I've decided to have chicken satay starter but instead of the peanut sauce I'm going to have curry sauce. They do big portions at the place I'm going so this will be plenty. I've had the chicken and sweetcorn soup before with no problem. But anything that includes a batter doesn't suit me at all. Enjoy x


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If you can manage noodles then chicken chow mein is ok for sugar but calorie wise a mushroom clear soup and a grilled fish dish with sauce on the side is a good way to go. A little while ago I had duck pancakes and made sure I took the skin and fat off and avoided the hoisin sauce. I've also had chicken in ginger before and that went down well


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I had the Thai tom yum soup with seafood, that worked well for me, I never tried anything else in the Chinese though since surgery.