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Lap-Band christmas food ideas - mashed stage


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I'm just going to be starting the mashed stage on Xmas day. Xmas dinner should be OK but boxing day we normally have a cheese board. Any suggestions for things I can have for the mashed stage of the post of diet?!
I dont think the cheese board will mash too well...cheesecake would though!! I think you will struggle to mash up alot of xmas foods, i had alot of porridge, beans and mini sausage, fish in parsley sauce..stuff like that. I wasnt to keen on,ending it up, it all tasted vile, I used the back of the fork as told to by my consultant.

Good luck with you choices..
What about semi joining in with the cheese theme cauliflower cheese or cod in a cheese sauce make it yourself with a lower fat cheese :)
you could make yourself some mashed tuna, jacket potatoes mash up the inside, grate a bit of cheese and then re-bake.

Mix quark with smoked salmon or even fresh poached salmon for a pate, while you can't have it with crackers you could have it wish some mash.

Make some low fat egg mayo with quark or natural yogurt.