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conversion band to MGB keeping band need help!


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Ok all you bypassers been thinking a lot and after discussion with the surgeon really looking at why the weight has been so slow to lose he's suggested MGB esp with my PCOS

So I have questions:

1) any regrets having MGB

2) what are the main restrictions with my band there isn't many food wise.

3) anyone not lose with MGB?

And lastly....

4) what do you find the hardest now you've had a MGB?

Thanks in advance x


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Hi Gweni
Is there anything wrong with your band to prevent it being worked with?
I also have PCOS but successfully lost six stone with the band until it went wrong
I am awaiting a conversion in January I have looked at options it is a difficult decision my surgeon ruled out MGB for me as he said I may get bile reflux as I have had previous acid reflux he didn't feel I had enough weight to lose for RNY so he had recommended a sleeve which he says he can tailor to avoid future reflux issues think diff surgeons recommend dif things as I got three different opinions. Good luck in your ongoing journey x

Caroline jess

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Mgb is a breeze wise over a band. Worse things are 1) I still get reflux which is rare for mgb (mainly when I drink alcohol so it's generally self inflicted) 2) I dump if I have to much sugar/fat which again is self inflicted.
If I had the choice again I would have had traditional bypass but this is only because of the reflux not for any lifestyle/food/ results issues.


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Thanks. The surgeon thinks I need help with absorption. Or not absorbing so much I eat pretty clean my pcos is pretty bad and have been treated throughout my life.

I've not lost enough on the band according to the surgeon

Caroline jess

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I also have pcos. I lost 8 stone with the band but it slipped/eroded. I had MGB 10 1/2 months ago and have lost 5.5 st BMI is 23.
Another bad side effect for me is I have a lot of bathroom issues (sorry for the tmi) I had irritable Bowel anyway but now it's worse mainly due to the malabsorption x


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Yeah I don't go enough I mean once every few days is "normal for me" which isn't normal sorry tmi!


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Love my MGBP Great results with it , no reflux, can drink alcohol , dump occasionally ( self inflicted) 15 mths out , Gone from a size 24 to a 12/14 , read my diary for more info I too have pso, and thyroid problems
After 12 mths post op I'm having b 12 injections
Take two multi vitamins daily and two vitamin d and calcium tablets
Toilet issues have settled now I less I have too much sugar
I buy full fat stuff as low fat contains more sugar