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Dry and Crunchy without the carb ideas?


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Hi All

I am convinced I am eating too many sliders, and wonder if you guys have some tips for dry and crunchy ideas without too much carb?

Please give me some foods I can put in my trolley that wont slide down and wont give me too many calories and carbs!
Good question; I can't wait to read the responses! I love raw peppers, very crunchy and the skin isn't tough enough to cause issues.
Cauliflower! I actually can not praise it enough. You can rice it and have it instead of actual rice or even make a pizza from it (i made it for my parents tonight in prep for when im on solids). You can have it with loads :)
I limit carbs completely in my diet through personal choice, although due to the levels I work out I've had to reintroduce some. What carbs I have though don't come from things such as bread/rice/pasta.

I still stick to the focus on protein, so for drier crunchier things I will have
- chicken chunks
- prawns
- tuna flakes

to make the tuna crunchier and drier I often break up a rice cake (low fat/salt ones) into the tuna to give it a bit of substance, a couple of crunched up bread sticks will also do that.

- melba toasts for a bit of crunch topped with low fat soft cheese or quark
- ryvita topped with the same
- raw vegetables, peppers, celery, asparagus is also a good low carb veg, dip with sweet chilli sauce or yoghurt with mint.
- cucumber sticks or chopped up salad along with protein
- stir fry is also good I quite often will buy one and eat it raw.

If you can tolerate eggs an omelette is often good, its not slider, good source of protein and filling, chuck in some ham or chopped chicken and its a good protein source too.

These are some of the things my own provider detail as suggestions for breakfast with a band...although I sometimes have just a yoghurt if I want to give it a bit of substance I top it with a bit of muesli or special K.

~ scrambled egg and tinned tomotoes
~ half slice of toast with skimming of marg and marmite with a fresh tomato and a small satsuma
~ 3 tbsp fruit and fibre, special k or no added sugar muesli with a little skimmed milk (the less milk you use the better as it will keep it "crunchy" and stay in your stomach for longer)
~ 3 tbsp all bran with 1 tsp raisins, 1/2 a banana or 8-10 nuts (hazlenuts, brazils or almonds) or 1 flat tbsp seeds (pumpkin etc)
~ 1/2 slice toast and 1 boiled egg and 2 tablespoons boiled mushrooms
~ 1 piece of very lean bacon and 1 fresh tomato

Just to say, I am always aware in my own choices and will look at a meal and see if I can change it to make it less "slidery" lol

Can I remove a sauce? Does it need gravy? Can I serve it with a little dip instead of covering it with a sauce?

Mazza puts her suggestions which is in a sticky

Here are some other ideas, which will depend on whether you limit yourself to fat content/calories etc

- celery with peanut butter
- celery chopped into tuna with sweetcorn (great protein source)

I also still eat zero noodles or eat water pasta (holland and barrett) almost no carbs, they are like pasta or rice and you cook them and eat them the same, but I mix them with some stir fry vegetables, or some chicken and mushrooms and they are great, filling, no carb and not slider unless you coat them in sauce.
- frittata

The food network have some good low carb recipes on which you can find here
Low Carb Recipes : Food Network : Recipes and Cooking : Food Network

and this site I recently found which is just fab (but the recipes are often higher fat and cals as they do focus on just being low carb so be aware, but there's over 400 recipes on there

Your Lighter Side | Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Low-Carb, Atkins, Diabetic, Ketogenic Healthy Eating

Some really good ideas everyone thanks xx
Can bandersceat eat salad ok eat salad ok?

I live a walnut and blue cheese salad which is very low in carbs but has protein in it. Add a bit of avocado and it's also got some great fats