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Gastric Sleeve Getting married!!!


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Hello all,
I'm Melissa and I'm now to this site and wanted to share my story. I met my fiancé this past December and by December I was ready aware I was having upcoming surgery in April!! I told him on our first date and he was totally accepting. I had surgery April 8th 2013 and that very morning as I sat in my hospital pre surgery room in my hospital gown and no make up and hair a hot mess he leaned in to me and whispered "I love you to death will you marry me?" I of course said yes then said not a good choice of words "death" before major surgery lol....so I've had tons of after surgery issues (hospitalized a week after surgery for blood clots in my artery away from my heart, gallbladder surgery and 3 upper endoscopes to repair strictures and hospitalization for internal bleeding) he has stuck by my side through all this and had been my rock!! I've waited 35 years for this man and I'm so blessed!!!
Highest weight- 266lbs
Surgery day- 256lbs
Current weight- 168lbs


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Congratulations Melissa - sounds like a horrendous journey but you're going to have a happy ending! Enjoy the wedding planning xx


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well done, congratulations xxx


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Congratulations all round :) Sounds like you are having quite the year!

Sorry to read that your post-op recovery was so difficult but thrilled for you that it has all been sorted and you have recovered successfully & gone on to lose so much weight.

Im engaged to be married next year to the man of my dreams too, took me a long long time to find the "one" but know what you mean when you say you're blessed! I'd given up hope and was resolutely single, then there he was :D

Good luck and may you both live happily ever after xx


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congrats and well done on your weight loss you had a hard time but you must be so happy now


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I giggled and cried reading your first post. I hope you have recovered from everything that happened to you since your WLS, it sounds like you had quite a journey.

I'm a newly wed :) Been married 4 weeks and 1 day (bloody hell, that went quick!) I wish you both all the best with the planning, it's so exciting, stressful, fun and nerve wrecking but the feeling you get out of being officially married is incredible :D Have you set a date yet??

Flick x


Bit of a weirdy! XD
Wow, that's not long! The time will fly by!! :D

One piece of advice for your actual day: Stand back with your husband for a minute and try and take it all in because the day goes by so so quick and before you know it you're back in your room and it's over. It's such an emotional and overwhelming feeling but one of utter bliss :) Good luck! x


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I totally appreciate the advice and I will do just that!! It's a small wedding at a court house but we are dressing up and I never thought I'd be so excited but I really am!! I can't wait!!!

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Congratulations xx


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Congrats to you both Melissa.sounds like you have had a tough time post op but seem to be reaping the benefits now ;).
Good luck for the big day :D xx


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Congratulations Melissa, sounds like you have had a really rough time, but I am really glad that things are going well for you now!!! Sounds like you deserve it!!! Congrats, and enjoy your special day xx