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Got my pre op date!!!!!


On my wl journey at last
Hello everyone, well have today received a letter from the hospital to say my pre op is booked for the 4 May. So after four years, it is finally going to become a reality. I am scared, excited, and worried too. Am I doing the right thing? Why can't I just diet this weight off?
Am 53 this year, and have been overweight for the last 25 years, and haven't managed to get any significant weight off without gaining it again.
Am so glad I joined this forum, as reading people's experiences is going to help me get through this. I have seen the support everyone gives to each other, and am hoping I will receive just a fraction of that support to guide me through everything I am going to undergo.
Thanks for being there for me, hugs to you all ;)

ps If anyone ever comes down to Cornwall for a holiday, please contact me, it would be lovely to meet up, obviously not for a pasty or cream tea lol :p


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Congratulations Jan hope everything goes well for you


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best of luck xxx


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Yay! Thats really great news Jan.. Won't be long now :)


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I'm so pleased that after such a long wait you've got your pre op date! I was impatient waiting just 2 months for an appointment let alone 4 years!

I went through the whole 'am I doing the right thing' questions and I'd even convinced myself that I could probably try dieting to see if I could lose weight without surgery, but being on the pre-op diet made me realise how hard I'd find it. The only reason I managed on the pre op diet is because I knew it would come to an end after 2 weeks. But only you will know if this is right for you.

As for Cornwall, normally I'd jump up and down and say 'Yes I'm coming' as I've been going on holiday there for the last 15 years! lol This year I'm doing without a holiday so I can save up for my very first holiday abroad next year.


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Best of luck Jan. My next appointment is 6th May, nearly the same as you. I get where you are coming from. I always think, what is wrong with me that I cant just diet? But I have, like all of you, every diet in the book. Even lost 91/2 stone, only stayed off about a year though. Put it all back on and more besides. Devastated to say the least.
I so wish there was another way, but I have tried all the ones I know and surgery is a last resort, for most of us I believe. We need to stop beating ourselves up and try to get the life we deserve.
The support here is great, and I for one will be here to support you along the way. x


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Oh well done Jan that is good news.
As for your feelings this is what the consultant said to me yesterday. When you have been big for a long time it does not matter how hard you try you will not be able to shift the weight by diet and fitness routine alone, you need surgery to help you along with the diet and fitness. I could have kissed him. I know when I have said I am doing WW people look at me and think I am not doing it right, when I know I am:p.
So Jan you go for it, so many people on here have said it is the best thing they have done.
Keep us informed and fingers crossed for my pre-op date!


On my wl journey at last
Thanks everyone for your comments, I am truly thankful for you all taking the time to write on my thread. I don't get a lot of support from OH or my children, and my dad doesn't really want me to have the operation at all.
It is going to be a difficult two or three months, I am thinking my op may be 6 weeks after the pre op, so sometime in June.
Every time I feel myself doubting what I am having done, I shall jump on here and look at you lovely people, and your stories and inspiring thoughts.
Sending thanks and hugs to you all xxxx


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Brilliant news Jan... Me thinks me and you will be queueing for our seat on the losers bench together as i am expecting a June op too (going on recent stats)

Way to go xx


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Fantastic news, you have had a long wait.
Best of luck.

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Great news Jan!The waiting is soul destroying isnt it?Is your hubby worried about the op or you changing?Maz x