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Hair loss help!!!


New Member
Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone’s gone through what I am now and can offer me some advice/help?

I’m 5 months post op and originally thought ide escaped it but about 6 weeks ago I started losing my hair, it’s coming out by the handful and I’m getting so scared I’m going to lose the lot, my hair is long half way done my back but getting thinner by the day.

So my question is has anyone else gone through this?
How long did it last? (Hair falling out)
Did you take any extra vitamins? Or use special shampoos etc?
Anything else you did?

Ide really appreciate any advice please?


Well-Known Member
Hi Hun. Sorry I can’t offer any advice But I shall be watching to see if anyone else can help. I’m hoping for surgery July so I’m dreading the hair loss thing I have read a lot about on YouTube there are some peeps on there that have wrote about it xx

vicky jenkins

Well-Known Member
I did lose a little but not enough to notice but I also take a medication for a heart condition and a side effect is hair loss so I just ignored it. My hairdresser said it is comi g thicker again now with evidence of new growth.
I know some people have used plantir 39 or something like that but I didn't bother.