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Hello! I'm a newbie to the world of WLS


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So I'll start with a little about me. I'm 27, have three young children, and I was diagnosed with a condition called IIH (intracranial hypertension) and was told I NEED to lose weight or I could lose my sight.
That was in May, iv lost a grand total of 2kg since then :(

I have a neuro app on Thursday and plan on asking for help - WLS.

My bmi is 41.

I'd love to hear similar stories with positive results? I'm terrified she's going to brush off the idea before I even get started!

Thanks :)


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I have IIH too - was (finally!) diagnosed last summer but luckily it's quite well controlled by meds and I have only had to have two lumbar punctures so far.

I never asked my neurologist for help - I just chose to have my surgery privately - so I would be very interested to find out how you get on!

My op's on Saturday so I will let you know how my symptoms are afterwards :).

Good luck!! Xx


Hi and welcome,
I was diagnosed with IIH around about nov last yr after waking up with a blood floater in my eye where it had haemorrhaged(I'm 33) was given a lumber puncture with a 40+ opening pressure. Was taken off my meds for it in april/may after my surgery. I don't get the headaches any more and my eye disc are no longer swollen or bleeding but I sometimes get the tinnitus in my right ear and still sometimes wake up with dry eyes.

Good luck with everything :)


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Eek marywithoutsound! Good luck to you too!!

Thanks for replying carebear! That's exactly what I wanted to hear :)

Did you get surgery because of the IH? I'm so nervous! If she says no I'm going to ask my GP, if he says no, I don't know where I will go from there!


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Hello and welcome Im a newbie too..I dont have your condition but I wish you well xxx


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Hello and good luck.

It might be worth looking into all the different types of WLS surgery available so you have an idea of what you might like - obviously when you speak to a surgeon they may have different ideas, but it's good to know what's out there.


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I dont have your condition either, but wanted to say welcome :)


Hi again, no I had already been to my doctor and was on the surgery waiting list for nearly 3 yrs when I was diagnosed.


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I'm sure it will be fine! I have always found neurologists to be quite nice! And the worse that will happen is that she will say no. And all is not lost if she does, at that point you could approach your GP? Let us know how it goes :) x