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Hi - New to WLS, Minimins oldie


Testing the water...
Hi there, have used minimins for a couple of years though have been absent for a while. Went on to the weight loss surgery bit and was redirected here. Have had a bit of a read and now feel ready to post.

My name is Caryl and I am enormous. 5ft 8, 24st 8lb, BMI 52.3. I have always been enormous, apart from briefly in late 2008 when my BMI dropped to a mere 38.7 and I was deemed slightly less enormous. This was after 4 months on Cambridge Diet which saw me lose 5stone, before piling it all back on again and then some.

I saw my GP tonight in order to discuss my weight. Over the years, as we all have, I have tried everything - all the slimming clubs, the pills, low carb, low GI, atkins, Cambridge etc etc as I am sure everyone reading this has! Anyway, my new GP is wonderful (have recently relocated from Portsmouth to Nottingham). Really, she amazed me, she was just brilliant. She basically went through all my options, and then went on to talk about weight loss surgery, but she talked about it in a really positive way which was a bloody great breath of fresh air I can tell you!!!

She was explaining that basically I have to go through the "process" if you like and tick off all the boxes - Dietician referral, exercise referral, I have to go and be weighed in a months time and have lost 2.5kg to prove that I am "dedicated", Orlistat if I manage to lose that 2.5kg...ermmm...there was more but to be honest my mind has gone blank! The really good news though is that there is funding available locally for weight loss surgery which is fantastic news! She said largely it is a tick box exercise but have to go through it in order to get the PCT funding - does this sound right to people? Its a bloody relief in some ways as my old PCT wouldn't consider weight loss surgery unless your BMI was over 60!!! which would have involved gaining another 7 stone, which funnily enough I wasn't prepared to do lol.

Is there anything else I should be doing do you think? Or is it just a case of playing the game, following the rules, and hopefully getting the reward at the end of it?



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Jump those hoops...lol. All PCT's are different but mostly you have to do as asked. My G.P said you need to show you have tried everything e.g. orlistat and the rest. So it seems your G.P has it spot on.... its a long road but well worth it I think....good luck x