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Gastric Sleeve Holiday tips

Paul Dean

New Member
Soo i had my Sleeve on the 1st of June and got my holiday booked a holiday to Majorca in September 23rd so I will be about 4 months by then. I booked self catering so I have a kitchen if needed.

I would love some helpful hints and tips on how to make the most of the holiday and still stick to the new way of eating.

Thanks in advance :)
@slimkim, I feel this is a question for you lol

Congratulations on the new sleeve btw, I'm still pre op but my days are numbered he he
I went to Aruba 4 months after my bypass but we were all inclusive, I was still very much “in the zone” then and I lost 5lb, as long as you stick to high protein and follow the 20 20 20 rule you’ll be fine, you will be quite used to living with your pouch by then and you’ll be able to read it’s signals too, enjoy your holiday x