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How long off work?

Hi all,

I'm booked for my band at the BMI Alexandre at Cheadle on 23rd may & was wondering how long people had taken off work following a band?

The surgeon said 2 wks would be average.

I'm a nurse trainer, do a lot of driving & BLS demos so quite physical work.

I've booked a weeks annual leave & will be taking 4 days as sick (Monday is a bank hols) but I'm concerned whether this will be long enough.

Thanks in advance of your thoughts :)


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If op is straightforward I think a week should be fine, same as any laparoscopic procedure. Some employers don't like you going from leave onto sick, so if your plan is leave, bank holiday, 4 days sick check with HR that this fits with their policy. Probably useful to jig your diary so you have a week based in the office when you are first back. Good luck!


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Given the nature of your job a couple of weeks is probably good advice, In my opinion. My band was 8 years ago but I had a sedentary job and only took a week or so. I was shattered at the end of every day. Driving I had to wait two weeks anyway.

Good luck
Thank you both ;)

My plan is to take the 1st 4 days as sick & then the following week I was booked on annual leave regardless of my op as its school holidays.

So in total I will be off for 2 weeks :D