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how long will it take to heal from a tummy tuck surgery?

Discussion in 'General Surgical Weight Loss Discussion' started by Sara3123, May 23, 2018.

  1. Sara3123

    Sara3123 New Member

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    Hi, It's only been four years since I got married. We were like a power couple who did everything together. We used to walk our dogs together, hit the gym together, go shopping together and even go buy groceries together ( even if it's just milk ). I had met with a minor accident last year and then I decided to take a small break from work and rest for a while. But those few months changed my life forever. I became obese and I wouldn't fit into any of my clothes. My husband stopped caring about me. We were no longer a power couple. We stopped doing everything together. This began to bother me a lot. I turned to my sister for help. She asked me to start losing my weight. But sadly all my weight was concentrated on my thighs and tummy. Arms too, but there was so much extra on my belly and thighs. I began yoga, gym, low carb diet and what not. Even my gym instructor was sad because he couldn't notice any change whatsoever. When I told my sister, she came up with the best idea ever, having a tummy tuck. She asked me to go to a cosmetic surgeon in Mississauga whom she's known for ages. I have my first appointment next week. When I sent him my picture, he said that I am a good candidate for the procedure. I just want to know, how do we analyze if we are a good candidate or not? Will it take a long time for everything to heal and be back to normal?
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  2. Bling Babe

    Bling Babe Well-Known Member

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    Gastric Bypass
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    5th April 2018
    Hi, I’m a little confused by your post, are you back to your “ideal” weight now? If not then I wouldn’t recommend and skin loss surgery until you are. As far as the recovery goes I don’t know but there is a section on here about that maybe you’ll find some answers there