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how much...


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I have been told to have soup and pre made slim fast etc... but how much should I be having?

There is eg 325ml in a shake.


Check with your provider as each has different guidelines. be careful that the pre-made slimfasts contain a lot of sugar and therefore carbs - and some will recommend getting a tub and making it up yourself (I also find that this way you can control the strength cos some are just very sweet and sickly)

Thanks topkat. I checked the paperwork again and it deff said premade but I got a tub today like you said. I am so so tired. When does it wear off xxx
The first few days are the hardest, around day 4 a lot of people also encounter a really bad headache, but from that point, it does tend to get better and improve so hang in there :)

it is a bit of a shock to go from eating to something like this - my "milk diet" wasn't suggested by my provider but I chose to do it because for me, it enabled me to focus and not worry about weighing food or having the temptation. But, its all worth it.

Thanks. We went out today and I had a hot chocolate in costas and drunk under half a small one. Anyway coming home im feeling nauseas and so so so tired. Like the anaesthetic keeps creeping back out on me. Ive got some weeping from my port site too so will have to keep an eye on it. Ive lost nine pounds and the shock has made me come on. Period pains almost worse than anything else. Ive not gone poopy since sat lol. Hope things calm down a bi
soon x

Ty for your replies x
Ah, I didn't realise you were post op as the badge in your postbit says "pre-op" . . .how long ago was your surgery? Anaesthetic can leave its effect for a good few days, rest, take it easy and don't push yourself to do things . . .

If you have a weeping port site, you need to speak to your provider because it could be infected and need some attention - certainly don't leave it. Also you can mention that you've not had a bowel movement since saturday and they can give you something, but don't leave that either because it can be painful - senokat, dulcoease, lactulose, any of those you can get over the counter . . .

With regards to liquids, don't push what you can have, little and often is often the best way to go. In my days post op, I couldn't get anything "milk" down as it made me feel bloated so I went back to clear fluids only for 4-5 days and then reintroduced it slowly. Keeping hydrated is the important thing . . .
You r not able to edit from mobile. Ive just been on comp and done it. Thanks for your reply. Its weeping clear scab type liquid I dont think its infected its just sore. Tmi lol. Will get on and sort the poop issue. Thanks xx
Update - just changed the plaster and it was just that clear ooze and where it had dried hard it was sore. New clean thingy and its looking much nicer.

When was everyone else told they could take steristrips and plasters off? I have been told a week but that seems soon. Also...I want a bath so bad. Showering is a means to an end but I want bubbles.

Lou xxx
i didn't have stitches as my surgeon glued the incisions. Again go ith what your provider say - really me thro all the stages