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I blended in and am still buzzing


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24 hours later and i'm still on a high.

Went to my niece's wedding reception last night (on my ex husband's side of the family). Well i last saw some of them at my ex mother in law's party in December but there were people there i'd not seen for years...

As we walked through i was walking towards someone who has known me for almost 25yrs (in fact i used to sit and play bingo with them every week) and he went to walk right past me :confused:. I had to say 'hi Pete' to him and he was like oooh Julie lol, it's not that i'm totally changed like Mixxie or some of the others, it's just that he hadn't noticed me. I BLENDED IN lol.... (he was grandad to the bride on other families side). So many people couldn't believe how well and 'thin' i was. Now by no way shape or form is 16stone thin but after at times getting close to 23 stone i reckon i looked like a new person to them...

Some of you may remember me telling you about my ex mother in laws 60th birthday party and how i'd discovered i used to be referred to as 'Big Julie' well the person who told me that was also called Julie... i got Trev to give her the once over and he said she's Big Julie and not me lol... My how the times change :)

Anyway for the record it was a lovely evening and i danced my smaller butt off on the dancefloor and didn't even break into a breathless sweat or anything.... What a truly different night than if it had been 12 months ago!

Phatmomma was the dancing queen, oh yeahhhhhhh xxx


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sounds like you had fun, i bet you felt on a high all night after 'blending in' lol, and having a boogie a cant wait til im ok to have an occasional night out. :)

barbara xx


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Barbara what amazed me the most? I drove the 100 miles down then went and visited near and dear ones all day and then partied till 11 and then drove the 100 miles home!!

No way pre op would i have had the strength to do that without having a good hours kip in the afternoon and then i'd have been pushed to drive home again at night time.

When i got home at 1 i was tired but omg so very very happy :) xx


Sunny Horizons
Good for you Julie! x


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What a lovely post Julie! Happy for you hun :)

john m

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sounds like u had a great night julie,think we all look forward 2 those kind of times and cant wait till some 1 says, it 2 me 2