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charliegirl, u were there for me when i was feeling really low and i can understand all the tears. I had them as well and remember you telling me that it will happen one day so dito. I hate people being negative and wish the green eyed monster would go away as it is people that either want to lose weight themselves or think that we should go on a diet and go to the gym. If it were that easier weight loss would be much eaiser to do. Hey food is essential as it helps use function. Thanks for the kind words xxxxx

Thanks but I am now crying over what my daughter is doing to me and I thought I had stopped but I can't, I seem on self destruct mode and I dont know what to do. My new life is just slipping away and I am starting to think I dont deserve it anyway, if my daughter hates me and my son only tolerates me to have a roof over his whats the point, people have been down right nasty to me and I dont deserve it, I feel so very very low just now and wish the tears would stop - I am sorry....xx


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now you have your funding what next? How long do you expect to wait?

I live in Luton so I too will have my op there. Do you need a visitor? LOL

We are all here for you.


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firstly charlie girl keep your chin up babe we r all here if u need a chat and dnt worry about others and let them realise how much u mean to them. Stop helping others and look after yourself good luck babe x


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ginger cookie i dnt know when i going for first appointment but will let you know, hey a visitor would b good and i suppose i have to return the favoure lol hey i live in marlow so some way from luton. I have the funding and next need a appointment for 2 hours to see many diffrent people, i then do liquid diet and then have surery, but i go away at xmas so will get a little delay xxxxx


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Hyacinth you live in Marlow? I'm staying in Marlow at the moment with my father. We're just off Oxford Road, went to Pizza Express for tea tonight :D