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Funding problems.

k8y bear

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Good news Lisa x
Karren, i don't know how they can live with themselves lieing like that?
It doesn't impeed on their surgery's finances in any way does it?

lisa x

is very happy!
It never ceases to astonish me that GP's can be so unhelpfull, I met a lady yesterday (Walsall Area) who was told to get a job (after 35 years of working) and she'd feel better, if she stopped eating, he would give her a prescription for free gym sessions and that Walsall didn't do the op at all!! :eek:
Luckily she has got through by ways of complaints, but its wrong that people have to go through this poop.
Good luck to you and getting all the help you need xxxx
My G.P has given me the run around for 4 years regarding this surgery...
Don't get me wrong...I appreciate the national health system..but I have no respect for my g.p or the practice I am at.
I am looking into changing..
Its a shame because you are meant to be able to trust these people..and to be honest i have been patronised and lied to/misinformed more times than i care to remember.
oh well at least my pct know who I am now...


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i went thru the exact same thing with my gp/hospital! the hosptal was saying they havent recieved anything and my gp was saying everything has been sent off, in the end i had to get copies of everything from the gp myself and send it off recorded delivery with a stern letter explaining the situation. it soon got sorted out then! it is a pain in the arse tho isnt it and its defo incompetence on sum1s part tho no1 will admit it. the main thing tho is at least your getting there now! just dont let them mess you around anymore - chase everyhting up! i intend to do! good luck on your funding babe! hope it all goes well for you xxx


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Lisa I hope next week brings very good news for you.

The amount of running around and chasing up people have to do actually beggars belief, and especially since obesity is costing the nation millions.

One day soon, I hope and pray that the 'powers that be' will wake up, smell the coffee and realise that a few thousand quid spent now, will save many more down the line.