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I've got my funding!!!!


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Yipeeeeeeee....talk about over the moon, great news xxx


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Congratulations!! hope things move quickly for you now. Well done x


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Well done hun, I am really really pleased for you. xxx


Baxter's mum
thanks everyone :)
i think my stomach has heard what's about to happen to it. It's been playing up this evening.


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Well done luv, congratulations, hope the waiting list isn't too long for you and your on that loosers bench soon xxx


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Congrats hun - 2011's going to be a good year!


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great news for you. Persistence really can pay off when challenging the decisions of funders and government bodies such as the NHS.

This whole process of waiting for funding, and waiting lists left me feeling that they just wanted me to go away and die quietly.
Fab news! Let's hope that you get a speedy date and are on the loser's bench soon. x


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Gosh how slow am I on the uptake!!!!

Never saw this thread...Sooooo pleased for you hun x


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Thats a great news hun. hope you get the surgery date very soon. fingers crossed for you.