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I've got my funding!!!!


Baxter's mum

OMG I'm over the moon!
It's been ten months since I was first referred and
they made me pay for all that private therapy, and then funding got denied back in October.
It just goes to show there is always hope.

I just rang my surgeon's secretary and she read me the letter from the pct. Now I need to wait 3 weeks til my next appointment but hopefully Mr Giles will put me onto the waiting list then.

I can't wait. I've been feeling so low because my eating went out of control over xmas but now I have
the incentive I need to start a diet and shift as much as I can before the op. :D

to those of you still waiting, never give up! :)


New Member
Waaaheeeeeyyy Im sooooo pleased for you....it just shows...NEVER GIVE UP!!!!! You could have so easily got down and thought "Oh Stuff it!" and that could have been it! Well done on sticking to it and not taking no for an answer :D Im really excited for you :D XXX


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OH MY WORD! Thrilled just doesn't even begin to cover how i feel for you! We need to do the 'Happy Dance'!

Well done for persevering and HUGE congratulations! :D

You SO deserve this chance!

Hugest of humoungous hugs
Grace xxxx


Runs Srh Support Group
this is fantastic news, im sooo happy for you Congratulations xx


Baxter's mum
and i don't even feel like celebrating with a tub of ben and jerries! OMG It's the new me!


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Congratulations, what a great start to the new year.



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and i don't even feel like celebrating with a tub of ben and jerries! OMG It's the new me!

LOL Go New You! :D:8855::8855::8855::8855::8855:


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Great news, congrats x


Peter Facinelli & I
:talk017: Wooohoooo!! Congrats Xxx


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I'm thrilled for you. Such a stressful time waiting and being refused.
So so happy for you x


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That's the best news i've heard all day! Congrats and i hope you get on the waiting list in 3 weeks xx

Laura b

2011 a new begginning
Great news if any one deserves this u do well chuffed for u x


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Fantastic news for joining the 'just funded' club!!