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January 2016 Surgeries


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Roll up everyone, who's having what done in January.

I'll start, after being cancelled and rescheduled x 4 I'm having my band removed on January 14th.


los in it

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Not long to go now!
All the luck in the world to everyone due for WLS in January 2016!

los in it

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Does look like slim pickings here!!

Loving the Loop

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Its early days, I'm sure they'll come.

Loving the Loop

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Mazza has already started a January surgery thread , Hun.

Loving the Loop

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When is your surgery then ? Good to have another bypassers on the losers bench. Lots of luck.
I'm down for the 26th with the NHS don't know if it will go ahead now with the junior doctors strike devastated been so good over Christmas and took 18 month of hard work to get to this point Will have to ring the team tomorrow for an update


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Are you having yours in one go? I'm having to wait three months for my oesophagitus to clear up x
I'm hoping so I've done three months with any empty band symptoms seem to have eased so fingers crossed pre op tomoz I wasn't as luck as you my NHS team wouldn't do my revision


Anyone having surgery on the 21st Jan at queen Alexandra's hospital Portsmouth.
Got a call yesterday , to start milk diet Thursday . Was so excited , but today the nerves
have kicked in. Good luck all