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just had a AL TL and lipo


Agony Aunt
wish I could afford to have lipo, would solve all my probs xxx


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Whoops sorry wrong thread!


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Great loss well done!


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Hello there

its early days yet and your bound to be feeling sore and feeling sorry for yourself, i have yet to meet someone whether its surgery or just day to day illnesses who dont feel sorry for themselves when they are feeling run down or not well in general...................hope u feel better real soon

julie x

its ony been 3 days and i am feeling horrible, sorry for myself that i cant do much
i feel good about how it all went. I know it is just getting pasted the next few days
and i know that i will feel better


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Hey, does lipo really hurt? I’m Emma. I’m considering undergoing PAL Lipo. I need to get rid of the fat deposits from my stomach. Your post got me a bit worried. Could you tell me about the post-op problems with lipo and how painful the entire process is?