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i feel so ill :-(


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Hi all 4 days post op and feel so horrid tired head spinning still in pain sick just do not feel well at all just want to cry :cry: I know it will get better but i have had enough all ready just can not get comfy !!! Everything seems to be wrong i must be so bad to live with right now i feel so horrible on my kids as i cant do nothing gonna try and cut back on the painkillers but im in pain but hate the way they are making me feel !! Sorry about the winge i know you will understand how i feel nobody else does ! The keyhole wounds are ok the last 2 are very sore and bruised but i had to be opened up for an umbilical hernia and thats still really painfull how long will this feeling last for ?

Corrine xx


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Hi Hun I dont know your answer but hang on in there its very early days. You had a lot done and its bound to be sore. I am sure someone will come along and advise you soon take care hun....((hug)) Linda x


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Hi Corrine I remember those first few days well. honestly luv it does get easier just give yourself time to adjust to you lifestyle changes and wait for your recovery from the surgery. people will understand that you feel grumpy after what you have been through. just take things easy and don't push yourself xx


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Sorry to hear you are not feeling well Corrine!

Sending you big *HUGS*

Hope your feeling better soon.

Love Mini xxx


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4 days post anesthetic are always the worst Known as anesthetic blues. Hopefully from now you will begin to feel better. Take care


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hang in there hun your only a few days post op you are going to be sore just take it easy and let yourself heal it will get better x


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Thanks all just glad i have you all i think wht i have done has just started dawning on me but feeling a bit better than earlier just try and take one day at a time xx


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Glad to hear your feeling a bit better, take it easy and watch some tv, mind you there is not much else you can do on a horrible wet night like this...Linda x


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it's trenching it down and my OH is dizzy and can't come and pick me up and i came to work in my slippers... *sigh*. well it was cold and wet and who's going to know... but now i have to walk to a cash machine, in my slippers in the rain to get a taxi home... MEN!! ha.

abz xx

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Just remember that this first week is known as "hell" week and it will get better soon, I promise you!

Take your pain meds if you need them, you will be in so much more pain without them. Maybe contact your doc to see if there is a different med you can take if your current ones are making you feel even more ill. Drink plenty of fluids as dehydration is a risk in the early days and will make you feel ill! Rest plenty, but also try and move about a bit to move the trapped wind!

What you are experiencing is normal, we have all been there. You have just been through major surgery, and your body is in shock! Stay strong, be positive and just think of how much weight you will lose, and how good you are gonna look very soon! You will feel normal again!

Good luck hun,

Kel xx


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Corinne, I am 5 weeks post-op & know those feelings EXACTLY - I had them the week in hospital following the op, especially the weepy bit :cry:. I was like "what have I done...". It DOES pass & you will feel better soon, really! Hang in there!


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every day gets better ! i promise x


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hope u starting to feel better, i know after any operation is going to be very painfull take your medications often and if u still in pain get back in touch with your drs or the nurses they should be able to help you (im a surgical nurse and thats what we always say if it not going away get in touch) all the best .


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Hi Corrine :)

Hope you're feeling a bit better today than yesterday,:hug99:

Lacey..xx :)


Hope your feeling a bit better today, best to take your pain meds even if not in pain at that time. Its easier to control pain with regular dosage, than get on top of pain when you haven't been taking your painkillers.


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Hope you're starting to feel a bit better... as SS said, take your meds, drink little and often and move around to help get rid of the wind, as well as lessen the risk of DVTs.

About a week post-op, I started to go for small 10 min walks around the house - inside and out! - and although I felt pooped after that little amount, it got easier and I felt better for getting out an about.

You will start to feel more human soon, baba... chin up, and PM me if you need a chat :hug99: