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Los in it before and after WLS photos!

los in it

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side by side july 10 2014 and jan 6 2015.jpg
hope you can all see this
1st photo taken July 2014 size 32 2 months before my WLS
2nd photo taken today just over 3 months post WLS treating myself to some new clothes in the sales now wearing size 22/24 tops and jeans!
im a very happy bunny so time to share my joy


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Los you look amazing girlie .... i was thinking just the other day about us and how this time last year we had lost our way wooohooo and now look at you ...............amazing !!!! thanks for sharing x x x x

los in it

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Thanks guys for your very kind comments ! I have been saying that I couldnt see the changes as I was still thinking I was big still I saw these photos and it hit me like a ton of bricks, I am changing!
It was while I was trying on a size 24 jeans in evans and I kept laughing to myself I was so use to picking up size 32 I kept checking the labels!
Its such an amazing feeling to be given such a gift and the chance at a better life I will always be thankful for it
I hope my photos show it does work and encourage s others to share
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You are looking wonderful, it's not until you see a photo that it starts to make sense about the body change no matter how often you look in the mirror. ?


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Just brilliant x


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That's a huge difference in a few months. You're doing amazingly well.


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Wowsers look at you!!!


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Oh wow Lois you look so so different and happy younger ! Tears of joy for you Lois as i know you was so determined to lose the timber as you once said! I really hope i do as well as you congratulations and keep going so well done hun! X


OMG! You look amazing! What a difference! Well done x