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WLS Before, Now and After Photos!


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This is a new forum for WLS Before and After Photos!

This forum is for your before, now and after photos.

Photos provide inspiration for everyone on their weight loss journey and help to motivate those who believe it can not be done!

Photos are a celebration of your success and hard work.

A Big Thank You to all who share their weight loss journey in photos with us!:thankyou:

If you have a photo thread you wished moved in here please send me the link via private message.

Love Mini xxx
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Im sat here with my chin on my chest, I love these pics they are so inspiring. Thanks tom you all who share them x


past my goal down to 11st

hi me before op in 5 march 2010
and me now 20 july 2010



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wow you all look fantastic, its unbelievable how short a time it takes the transformation to happen too isnt it, i bet your all sooo proud of yourselves, and so you should be, cos even with wls its no easy ride is it, well done, i cant wait till i look transformed too.


Home from the USA :-(
Can someone tell me how to put pics in a message? It took me ages to work out how to get them into an albumn!



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WOW you look fab, like a different woman. well done. xx


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Sorry Carol - I missed this somehow ! You look fabulous in those skinny jeans ! Well done !


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Thank you to everyone for sharing their photos. You've all done so well and look amazing.
It's very inspiring - and motivational - for people like me who are at the beginning of this journey.
Thanks again.


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Old and new

Hate old pictures - mind you I don't really love new ones lol. Still a long way to go but hoping uploading this will make me more motivated again x



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You all look amazing....cant wait to get your kind of results !!!

Thanks for the inspiration ladies

Sally Xx


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Go in advanced and click attach a file - hope this helps and thank you x


past my goal down to 11st
Me in september 2010 (goal reached)

To let you all know if i can do it anyone can and i did it in 5 and a half months and lost 7 and a half stone