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My Before and after photos.


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You look like a different woman :)


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I love the before and after photos, I wish people would post more, they are so inspirational! Well done on your weight loss.


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I had my RNY ByPass in June 2015 and so far have lost 8 and half stone.
I'd like to lose another half a stone but its very slow now.
Wow and congratulations 8.5 St in less than a year you must be so proud of yourself x
Thank you everyone, i'm thrilled with the change, not bad for a 60 yr old lol.
I'm going on holiday on Saturday and can't wait to be able to actually fit into my seat on the plane, shopping for holiday clothes was a pleasure instead of the usual nightmare xxx


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Wow Pauline! Those pictures are amazing! you look like a different person! Did you think before your Op that you would see such a change? I am finding it hard to believe that I will lose that much weight and difficult to think what I will look like afterwards! Can I ask what meals you are eating at this stage? Do you still have to be careful what you eat with regards to fat/sugar?


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@PaulineJones no way are you 60!:eek: You look amazing!
@Hannah2 I know what you mean, after so many times of trying so hard to lose weight and getting nowhere I too struggle to believe this will really work but all these success stories can't be wrong! We can do this ;)
Hanna I eat whatever i like, just not much of it, i can still only eat about a teaplate of food maybe twice a day.
I don't watch calories or fat or anything else, i've spent a life time doing that and as long as i'm not putting weight back on i must be doing something right.
I'll have a sweet when i fancy it or chocolate etc.
Its really hard for me to believe i have lost that much weight, i still feel like the fat lass all the time. When i see other people the same weight as me i don't believe i actually look like them.
I've been very lucky with loose skin, I have a few wrinkles on my tummy and the tops of my legs, my upper arms are a bit wrinkly but apart from that i have nothing. i haven't really exercised either, i work a lot and walk a lot at work but thats it.
I was also convinced the surgery wouldn't work for me, i didn't think it could really be that simple and good things don't happen to me usually.
I waited 2 and a half years for the surgery with waiting for various appointments etc. but it was really worth the wait.
I'm still losing weight but only about half a pound a week now, still it's better than a gain.
Good luck to all of you on your journey.
I'll post more pics when i get back from holiday, 2 weeks in Fuerteventura from Saturday, i can't wait.


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Hi Pauline, thank you for replying and sharing your info. Did you have issues with dumping after your surgery at all? Excellent news about the lack of loose skin! I think that is a worry for most of us before surgery, how we will deal with that!

Have an amazing holiday! Look forward to more pics :)
Thank you Hanna,
I don't think i've ever Dumped really, sometimes i'll have like a hot flush when i eat anything sugary but thats as bad as it gets, i sometimes wish it was worse so it would put me off but no such luck lol xxx


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Twit twoo you look flipping awesome! Well done


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Fantastic success.... Thanks for sharing it - very inspiring