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My Food Diary start of softs 2 weeks post op

B- Protein smoothie with blueberries and raspberries ,kale,chia seeds in light soy milk
L- 3 oz of cottage cheese and 2 squares of cantaloupe
D- chicken soup
S- one low fat string cheese
3 glasses of water in total today

Calorie total 535 today which is the most I have had in weeks. Need to get my energy up
B-3 oz of cottage cheese/ 3 squares of cantaloupe
L-2 low fat string cheese
D- small amount of refried beans and fresh guacamole and 2 shrimps
2 glasses of water
1 decaf mint tea

515 calories eaten today
Yesterdays menu

B-blueberries,Kale,chia seeds,scoop of vanilla protein powder,light soy milk smoothie
L-Chicken noodle soap half a cup
D-Sprouted Ezekiel bread half a slice with tuna and tomato on it
S-sugar free icy popsicle and one string cheese low fat
2 and a half glasses of water and one G2 sport drink to balance electrolytes :)

Calories about 580 today :)
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B-3/4 of a piece of toast with a slice of cheese on it
L-4 oz of cottage cheese with half a roma tomato
D- 1 egg omelette with tomato /onion and a wee bit of cheese in it .
S- a spoonful of low fat peanut butter
2 glasses of water
1 G2 sports drink for electrolytes

Total calories today 642 the most I have had so far
B-Protein shake
L-Ezekiel bread with half a tomato sliced on it
D-Greek Yogurt and a Babybel light cheese
S-5 small squares of cantaloupe/half a banana
2 and a half glasses of water half a low calorie G2 sport drink

Total calories 545
5 weeks Post op

B-Protein shake
L-4 oz cottage cheese with a Tomato/onion/cucumber side veg mixture
D-1 bone in grilled chicken breast *small* 3 forkfulls of husbands chicken pot pie
S-Sugar free ice pop , 5 quacamole on crackers/ 15 peanuts chewed to mush lol
cup of tea and 2 glasses of water

762 calories
Yesterdays menu ;)

B-Protein Smoothie of kale/ chia seeds/ protein powder /mixed berries and soy milk
L- very small chicken ceasar salad about 5 forkfulls
D-3 oz of grilled chicken /4 forkfulls of mixed salad and 3 forks of mashed potatoes.
S- 16 peanuts /one babybell light cheese

3 glasses of water/mint tea/one G2 light sport drink
B-Protein shake
L-chicken and cheese wrap half of it
D-grilled chicken ceasar salad
S- sugar free ice pop 16 peanuts

3 glasses of water 1 low calorie G2 Sport drink
B-Protein shake
L-Grilled chicken wrap
D-6 shrimp in cocktail sauce 8 mini vegetable crackers with light cheese spread
S- 16 peanuts

2 cups of tea/ 3 glasses of water/ 1 G2 sport drink

Calories 910
B-Protein Shake
L-grilled chicken cut up with Tomato and lettuce
D-1/4 grilled chicken breast with 3 fork fulls of chicken pot pie
s-16 nuts
3 glasses of water/G2 light sport drink/2 large mugs of tea

Should have had more veggies today just not hungry at all for the most part of the day.
Yesterdays menu

B-Banana/ glass of milk
L-4 oz cottage cheese half a roma tomato
D-Mediterranean salad full of veggies
S- 15 raw almonds

2 glasses of water /2 glasses of mint tea/one G2 drink

Wanted to have mostly a veggie/fruit day
Yesterdays menu

B-glass of light soy milk and banana
L-Mediterranean salad with light dressing
D-Bean salad/grilled chicken/cucumber/onion/tomato veg
S- Fuji apple scoop of peanut butter

3 glasses of water one G2 light sport drink 1 large starbucks mint refresh tea
B-1/4 cup of flax ezekiel cereal and light soy milk
L-tuna on a slice of muselix and a slice of dill pickle
D-thinly sliced turkey with cheese on a slice of ezekiel sesame bread 5 spoonfuls of light tomato soup
no snacks today

3 glasses of water and a 2 cups of tea
Not a great food day today

B-egg/spinach/cheese frittata
L-half a slice of whole wheat bread with chicken salad on it
D-shaved turkey sandwich meat and cottage cheese and tomato
no snacks today

3 large glasses of water.. 3 cups of coffee
Yesterdays menu

B-Boiled egg 3 slices of apple/ small piece of cheese
L-spinach and feta cheese whole wheat small wrap
D-Protein shake with berries chia seeds and kale

S- 10 plain almonds

1 starbucks refresh mint tea. 2 cups of decaffinated coffee 2 large glasses of water
Todays menu

B-Protein shake with fruit
L-one egg with cheese on it
D-half a chicken breast with crushed almonds and cranberries

No snacks
2 decaf coffees 1 glass of water and a low cal G2 sport drink
B-Protein shake
L-Grilled chicken salad with Balsamic dressing
D-half a tuna salad wrap with tomato and onion

3 glasses of water 1 G2 light sport drink