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nearly 1 year post op and around 12 stone down

los in it

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before and after corrie photo.jpg

if this can been seen I went to the corrie set pre WLS aug 3 2014 (wearing the blue top)I was around 25 stone in that photo
the black and white photo was taken on my return visit with my sisters just this last weekend 29 aug 2015 just 11 months post bypass surgery at first I couldn't see the change but now ive put them side by side I now can
I'm a very very happy loser!:bliss::bliss:


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What a fantastic achievement !! you look great well done. :)


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Wow look at you well done!


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Oh yes - there's definitely a difference Los. You look amazing. You should be so, so proud of yourself. X

los in it

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Thank you guys for your very kind comments!


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Bloody hell that is impressive! Well done although I am secretly rather jealous x


Amazing loss - you look fantastic x


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That's an incredible loss- amazing. A real inspiration